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Nature Spots to Visit in Grenada

Published: Aug 16th 2017

Grenada is an undiscovered gem in the Caribbean. The pristine white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and lush tropical jungles make it the perfect unspoiled paradise. There is so much to do, you can spend an entire year here and never get bored!

Grand Etang National Park – St Andrew

Here is one for the die-hard nature lovers. This gorgeous reserve, which was established in 1992, sits 1,900ft above sea level, and provides some of the most breathtaking views on the island. It is well known for its hiking trails, waterfalls, flora and fauna, and famous Grand Etang Lake. The summits of Mt Qua Qua, Mt Grandby and Morne Fédon/Fédon’s camp can be found here.

Levera National Park and Bathway Beach – St Patrick

This beach and 450-acre sweet spot are as far north as you can go in Grenada. The park’s extensive mangrove swamp is blessed with an abundance of wildlife, and a 45-acre pond filled with herons and other waterfowl. Bathway Beach is the perfect place to chill on the weekend or any public holiday (especially Easter).

Grand Anse Beach – St George

Grand Anse Beach is the granddaddy of beaches here in Grenada. This 2-mile slice of white sand heaven looks out to sparkling turquoise waters, dotted with multicoloured fishing boats and water sports paraphernalia. It can be also considered to tourism hub of the capital since it is lined with hotels, dive shops, restaurants and a Vendors Market that provide a wide range of local treats, spices and souvenirs.

Hog Island

If you are looking a sweet escape, all you need is a 15-minute boat ride from the southeast coast of the island. Hog island has some of the easiest and greatest snorkeling areas in Grenada. If you are not into snorkeling, you can go hiking or enjoy a weekend cook out with your friends.

Morne Gazo Forest Reserve – St David

This increasingly popular hangout provides you with the best views of Southside Grenada. The forest trails are covered with fragrant nutmeg shells, and has a lookout point set into a tree for all your postcardesque photo needs. It is usually filled with kites and children from nearby neighbourhoods during the Easters holidays.

Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden – St David

No trip to the Spice Isle is complete without a visit to Laura’s Herb and Spice Garden. Laura has countless types and variations of herbage and seasoning. You can explore the gardens with a guide for some exceptional educational tours or just relax and enjoy the fragrant atmosphere.

Concord Waterfalls – St John

Good things come in threes, right? Well Concord Falls does! These three waterfalls are nestled on the edge of the Grand Etang National Park. The first is an easy drive from the main road along a twisting road, but the other two will need you to get out on your feet. Not only does it provide an exhilarating experience but great exercise as well.

Hyde Park Tropical Garden – St George

Hyde Park Tropical Garden is a well-kept secret sitting right in the heart of the capital. This family run property was originally a small estate before being transformed into flourishing Eden that it is today. The garden overlooks the picturesque Kirani James Boulevard and provides commanding views of south St George.

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