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Romantic Ideas for Couples in Grenada

Published: Oct 16th 2017

If you are looking for fresh and creative ways to spice your romantic life, it is quite easy to do in here in the Spice Isle. This tiny island offers too many options for you to come up with excuses for being too dull. Whether it is a holiday trip, a honeymoon, anniversary celebration, or just another day, you can find the perfect activity that can fire up the right amount of intrigue for an experience beyond compare.

Simmer in Secluded Sulphur Springs. The Windward Isles are all of volcanic origin, and despite the fact Grenada’s summits are now inactive, the submarine volcano, Kick‘em Jenny, nested between Grenada and sister island Carriacou, is still full of life. Geological activity finds an outlet through several locations on the island including the public secret, Claboné Sulphur Springs in St. Andrew. It is a bumpy trip, but the ride and the intimate atmosphere will be worth it.

Enjoy an Incommunicado Tour Of Grenada.
Get away from the clamour and commotion of your busy lives, switch off your various devices and set off on your private tour of the island. With your own personal itinerary, you can visit popular spots that you haven’t gotten around to yet, like Welcome Rock in Levera, St. Patrick.

Conduct Your Own Biking Excursion With Mocha Spoke. You have the option of either renting bikes and pedalling down your own course, or taking one of the set tours to the Annandale Falls or around the southern coast of Grenada.

Have A Picture-Perfect Picnic on Hog Island. You can have a slice of paradise all to yourself when you visit this local hot-spot during the week. You do not need much, just lunch and 10 minutes for the boat ride across. The teeny island is equipped with picnic tables, makeshift swings, and a hammock that could easily fit two. There is also a makeshift structure that serves as Roger’s Bar that comes alive on a Sunday.

Check Out the Grenadian Art Scene.
If you and your love can appreciate oils and canvases, you can always check out some of our local paintings, sculptures and one-of-a-kind jewellery at Susan Mains Art Gallery at the Spiceland Mall in Grand Anse or at Yellow Poui, on Young Street in the heart of St. George’s. You may be lucky enough to happen upon an exhibition or another artsy event.
Take A Trip to Carriacou Or Petite Martinique. If you thought Grenadians were on island time wait until you get to the sister isles. The time comes to an immediate stop as soon as you touch the shores, making them the two best places to savour sumptuous moments. As tiny as they are, there are plenty options for accommodations, eating and adventure. Whichever you choose bliss and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Create the Perfect Diner Experience with I’m Local. What is a romantic getaway without the frills and furls of a fancy dinner? With I’m Local you can turn the creative factor way up, and customise your dinner with exotic locations from Fort Frederick to the comforts of your own backyard. All you need to do is select the menu and the location, and provide the ring (wink wink) and I’m Local takes care of the rest.

There are so many romantic things to do in Grenada sometimes you just need to know where to look. You have this little list here, but do not be afraid to create your own escapades and experiences. One thing we can guarantee, is that Grenada provides an astounding milieu for romance, and we are quite certain that you will find it here.