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I have finally experienced “The Experience”

Author: Shana Gervais
Published: May 24th 2017

Lately things have been crazy busy at home. It’s not to say that it is always quiet but, the last two weeks in particular has had us going crazy, feeling unproductive, and overwhelmed. You see, my husband Shawn and I recently had to look for reliable childcare, again. So when he came to me and said, “we need to go on a date, we need to go on a date”, I was overflowing with joy and excitement with the thought of going out with him as long as we found childcare. Obviously!

Finally date night arrives, we already decided on a restaurant we frequently go to. I was dressed in a flattering outfit and Shawn was looking dapper as ever.

On the road, we’re almost there and he took a wrong turn. I asked, “What are you doing”? Not responding, he pulled into a driveway. I see his business partner Cory. I figured, “oh hey pit stop, no problem just regular life of being married to an entrepreneur”, or so I thought at the time. Cory ushers our car in, and I thought “oh that’s nice he’s helping him park”. Anyway, we get out of the car and Cory’s wearing his purple I’m Local t-shirt and greets us saying, “Welcome to the Experience”.

By now, it becomes apparent that I’m about to finally enjoy what I’m Local has to offer. Shawn and Cory have been working on I’m Local for months. Shawn working on the business development and coding for the website and app. Cory working on the marketing and sales.

I couldn’t control my excitement. I know I giggled uncontrollably, like the day Shawn proposed to me. I may have even squealed, but you’ll never know.

You see, It’s one thing to hear what your hubby and his business partner are doing for I’m Local, but it’s another to finally experience “The Experience”.

Cory guided us past Coconut Beach Restaurant, onto the nearby jetty. I think, “thank goodness I wore my dressy flat sandals, slacks and listened when Shawn suggested I bring my shawl as we were heading out the door”, very slick move Shawn.

Cory guides us to a solar lit table beautifully set for two at the end of the jetty. The color rich table cloth (from Art Fabrik) and placemats (handmade by Cory’s grandmother) added to the surrounding island ambience. With the soothing waves making the jetty float, a bottle of white wine chilling in the ice bucket, under a full moon  I could definitely see why I’m Local has been getting great reviews since its recent launch in January 2017.

Once we had a private moment alone I gave him a kiss of appreciation! Take notes guys and gals, if you want your honey to feel this special, then this package is for you.

Chelsea from I’m Local and Aunty Pat (as she introduced herself to us) from Coconut Beach Restaurant, brought our meals with a smile. They were friendly, professional and attentive to our needs. We didn’t have anything to worry about because our meals were pre-ordered when Shawn purchased the package. What a surprise! Good thing I like chicken.

I had lightly spiced and sweet chutney over a succulent grilled chicken breast accompanied with vegetables. Surprisingly in the night breeze, our meals stayed really warm. Shawn had a seasoned grilled fish (catch of day) lemon based drizzle, with local steamed vegetables. We shared rice and baked scalloped potatoes in warmed ramekins. Of course, nothing is complete on an island dish without some of the local hot sauce to tickle my taste buds.

By the time we finished, my belly favoured a puppy that had gotten into its bag of dog food. I was shocked when Chelsea returned for our empty plates to announce that she would be returning with our dessert. There it was in front of me, chocolate cheesecake, and a decent size after such an extravagant meal. Never really being big on desserts especially cake, (yes people like me exist). I was worried that this would throw off my foodie experience if it was too rich (sweet) or too dry. Well it was neither. It was the perfect balance on my palate to end the night.

Just like the cherry on top of my slice of dessert, with the chocolate sauce design and the fresh whipped cream on my plate, my date with hubby was exquisite. I am honoured I was first to indulge in the new Romance Sunset Dinner package. Impress yourself, and spoil your special someone. Get your package too!