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Tourism Grenada - Things To Do in Grenada for Visitors

Published: Jan 2nd 2018

Suggestions for Tourism Grenada

Traveling Grenada is a wonderful experience, especially since Grenada is also known as the Spice Island. It is a sovereign state in the Caribbean, which is also composed of 6 other islands. The island also has elements of French and British rule in it's culture. Originally, it was colonized by the French in 1649 and the British in 1763, until independence in 1974.

Snorkeling and Diving Represent Top Tourism Grenada Spots

Grenada is right in the middle of the Caribbean sea. One very popular activity among tourists whom visit Grenada is underwater snorkeling. Snorkeling gives you the opportunity to see all of the wonderful features beneath the deep blue Caribbean water. Snorkeling is a ton of fun to be had, and the experience gives you the opportunity to explore the ocean below you.

When you snorkel in Grenada, one deep sea attraction which outshines the rest is the underwater sculptures. The underwater sculptures are a somewhat of an unusual sight, but they also represent a great opportunity to experience something very new and unique to Grenada. These sculptures are done in the contemporary style, and were designed by a British sculptor. The aim is to surround it's visitors with art, a collection of solitary people holding hands beneath the sea. It was constructed at a depth of 12 feet below the ocean, which represents a monumental engineering feet.

Grand Anse Beach is not comparable to any other beach in the world. It represents 2 miles of white sand, and a great opportunity to snorkel. Perhaps this is why it ranks among the top things to do in Grenada, especially because it is so close to the airport.

Because Grenada is also known as the Spice Island, the Spice Plantation Tour is also a huge hit. This plantation is located right in the coolest spot which is the mountains, a great spot to also cool off if you want a break from the beautiful Caribbean weather. This is truly a sensory delight, making it also one of many people's favorite things to do in Grenada.

The Belmont Estate is also a huge attraction for tourists. This represents an agro-tourism experience and a premiere opportunity to observe the workings of an estate. Tours, organic farm visits, and an exquisite look into the lives of islanders.

St George's is the capital of Grenada, with it's narrow streets and picturesque homes and architecture. Many say that the city is like an oil painting, and it's bright homes are a clear look into the colonial past of the island.