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Fall In-Love with Grenadian Cuisine

Published: Sep 18th 2017

In Grenada, famously known as the Isle of Spice, you can only expect to be served with the most flavourful of dishes in the Caribbean. The generous variety of aromatic spices found here, such a ginger, nutmeg, cinnamon and lemongrass provides food with the boldest exquisite flavours imaginable. Coupled with the organic fruits and vegetables that grow in abundance here, herbs and the fresh fish and meat from the local markets, the spices will have your taste buds quivering at every sight of a local dish.
The following are just a handful of the local favourites that you can expect to fall in-love with.

Oil Down
We are going to jump in with both feet and start off with the national dish, Oil Down. This sumptuous one pot meal is one for champions. It is a hearty mélange of Grenadian dumplings, callaloo, breadfruit, green fig (green bananas), dasheen, sweet potato, salted meat, salted fish, or chicken along with other vegetables, that is stewed down in coconut milk, herbs and spices. It is generally cooked for social gatherings and festive public holidays.

Here is another one-pot favourite, Pelau. This iconic dish is usually cooked with fresh herbs chicken or turkey wings, rice, peas and other vegetables, and is infused with caramelized brown sugar and coconut milk. It is best when coupled with a fresh coleslaw and a glass of lime juice. This dish is also great for social gatherings.

Callaloo Soup
Callaloo soup is a traditional Grenadian food, and it said to be great for providing energy and strength. It is a concoction of dasheen leaves, okra, onions, peppers, and herbs all cooked in coconut milk. May include salted meat or crab for extra flavour. Families generally eat this dish as a full meal, but it can be prepared as an appetizer or side dish.

Sweet Potato Pone
The sweet potato pone also known as potato pudding is a delightful baked dessert. This art of creating this delicacy was passed on from generation to generation. It is made with sweet potato, grated coconut, milk, sugar, and loads of spices. The recipe can also be tweaked to include raisins or currants, mixed fruit and sweet coconut cream as topping

Groundnut Sugar Cake
Groundnut sugar cake is just one of the many mouth-watering candies that are made on the island. It is made with peanuts, ginger and sugar, and it is easily found and local church fairs and harvests.

Grenadian Dark Chocolate
With the Grenadian chocolate culture growing more and more each year, it is hard to find an excuse to not love Grenadian dark chocolate. You will find that each bar is infused with authentic Grenadian spices, to provide you with flavours like none other. The recipe may not be found in any typical Grenadian home, but the chocolate itself finds its way into dishes, beverages and fine desserts. With 3 factories (The Grenada Chocolate Company, Crayfish Bay, and Jouvay Chocolate) on the island it is easy to find the perfect flavour for your palate.