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Introducing the Lime Builder for Stress-Free Get-togethers

Published: Jul 17th 2017

We have been working hard over the last 2 months to deliver new features that many users have been asking for and one of those has been on the top of our list. Today we are proud to officially announce the launch of our new Lime Builder. Next time you want to hang out with your friends and host a Lime all you have to do is visit our site and choose a starting package such as one of the beach BBQ packages. Then set the time for your Lime and copy your personal link to share with your friends. This unique link is your personal invitation link that allows you to invite your friends to the Lime and the best part is that the Lime Builder will keep track of your guest list as people RSVP.

Additionally you can enable the option for your guests to add items to the Lime. This means that your guests will be able to add items from I'm Local right on your personal Lime page on our site. All items are added to the Lime and associated to the guest who added them along with a note about how much they need to pay as their contribution to the Lime for the items they have added.

Hosting a Lime has never been easier and you will know exactly who is coming and who is "bringing" what to the Lime and how much they have to pay as their contribution to the costs. Of course we will be doing the delivery of your items but it is helpful to have a list of which guest ordered what so that they can get their drinks, food or other items at the Lime.

Try it today and build a Lime and have some fun with your friends! Just visit the link of one of our packages and click on the Build a Lime button to get started. Here is a great package to checkout as an example: