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Flavoured Rum of Grenada

Planters Punch by Clarke's Court
$11.24 USD /bottle
Clarke's Court Lemon
$11.69 USD

Amazingly crystal clear, light bodied drink, with a citrus note. Rum Lemon’s rich and smooth entry leads to a medium full-bodied palate and finishes with a long lingering citrus fade. Exceptionally flavorful, Rum Lemon leaves the taste buds wanting more. Clarke’s Court Rum Lemon is 35% alcohol by volume, is a gold medal winner, and is refreshingly lovely in any fruit juice mix or simply on the rocks.

Clarke's Court Sorrel
$11.69 USD

This rum is a regal blend of the finest indigenous extracts of Sorrel and spices of Grenada combined with our own distilled bulk rum, which imparts unique characteristics and creates a superbly light, mellow tasting drink. Rum Sorrel is 20% alcohol by volume and is suitable for many types of drinks.

Rum Punch by Clarke's Court
$11.69 USD /bottle
Spicy Rum by Clarke's Court
$11.69 USD /bottle
Clarke's Court Mojito
$13.48 USD
Clarke's Court Passion Fruit Rum
$13.48 USD

“Clarke’s Court Passion Fruit" has an exceptionally smooth, refreshing and authentic taste that today's modern consumer is looking for. It offers a distinct profile unmatched by any other rum currently on the market. Clarke’s Court Passion Fruit Rum is made under the expertise of their trained Distillers using rich molasses, and blended using their own secret traditional methods.

Clarke's Court Rythym Coconut Rum
$15.73 USD /bottle
Amaz-In Chocolate Creme Liqueur by Clarke's Court
$22.47 USD /bottle
Clarke's Court Black Gold
$56.18 USD

"Black Gold is a Premium Grenadian Rum, infused with Nutmeg Flavour".

The Black Gold concept was developed by Chairman of the Board of Directors, Leroy Neckles, who understood the need to bring life to the Nutmeg. The term "Black Gold" was coined by the Late Prime Minister George Brizan who was a firm advocate for adding value to the cash crop Nutmeg.

Enjoy Black Gold on the Rocks or Neat. 




750ml, 46% ABV