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Sightseeing Tours in Grenada

Feeling the thrill of island hopping? Im local provides quality Tours across Grenada and of its neighboring islands. Enjoy shimmering white sandy beaches, island delicacies, and island culture diversity with our island hopping and Grenada sightseeing tours.

Savvy Sail to the Grenadines$518.00 XCD /person

Day 1

9am – Depart Grenada on the Osprey Ferry and meet Savvy in Hillsborough Carriacou. This trip is EC$80 per person. At this point the guest will go have some brunch at Kayak Café while the Captain takes their passports to clear them out of Grenada

1pm – Sail to Anse Le Roche beach to swim

4pm – Arrive Union Island to clear into St. Vincent (This is EC$100 per person). Guest will be dinghied over to Happy Island for some sundowners while the Captain clears them into St Vincent. At night you can explore the small island nightlife of Union Island which has a no. of very cool bars and restaurants and a livelier nightlife than the other smaller islands. Or just sit back on the beach with a cold beer and watch the kitesurfers do their stunts on the beach

Day 2 - Leave Union Island for Mayreau arriving at 8am. 

10am – Depart for The Tobago Cays to swim with turtles, explore the island or just lounge on the beach

1pm – Depart the Tobago Cays for Sandy Island. 

3pm- Depart Sandy Island for Grenada arriving at approximately 9pm

On this trip our guest have a choice of either coming with their own food and drink (we provide 4 very large coolers) or we can take them to different restaurants and bars to eat. Our advice is to do a mixture of the two, we have a stove, oven and outdoor BBQ where we can help get food ready but we also suggest very simple foods on this trip just to make life easier. 

This trip is not 5 star accommodation in the traditional sense, it is more like glamorous camping. You are guaranteed however to see some of the most amazing islands and beautiful waters and sunsets and sunrises, sea-life anywhere. 

Additional expenses include food, drinks, ice, ferry (EC$80 per person) and customs and mooring fees (EC$100 per person)