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Sun Hunters Sulfur Springs Dune Buggy Tour
Sun Motors Grenada
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Cruising up the Eastern coast line we will divert through the mountainous villages of Mama Canna and Munich where we’ll get a good glimpse of true Grenadian country life. We’ll make a quick stop to enjoy the wonders of the Mt. Carmel Waterfall and continue north along meandering back roads dotted with many farming villages. As we descend to the coast line again we will drive through the fishing village of Marquis where the best straw goods on the island are made and sold. Our next stop in and around the village of Tivoli will take us back to the darker side of our history. We will visit the centuries old slave pens and if we are lucky we will be serenaded to the sounds of sweet African drumming which our people hung on to through the years. Close by at the Belmont Estate we’ll have a light local lunch and browse through the museum of estate life. Then we cruise the back roads to the River Salle Sulfur Spring. These quaint unblemished sulfur springs are believed to have direct veins to nearby active volcano Kick Em Jenny constantly replenishing the never ending supply of fresh warm sulfur. So step in and feel the magic! Now relaxed, we are ready for a cool ride back to reality.


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