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Sail Overnight to the Grenadines on Savvy
Wharf Road Grenada
Duration (avg)

48 hrs



Prep Time

24 hours

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200 points

Day 1

9am – Depart Grenada on the Osprey Ferry and meet Savvy in Hillsborough Carriacou. This trip is EC$80 per person. At this point the guest will have some brunch at Kayak Café while the Captain takes their passports to clear them out of Grenada

1pm – Sail to Anse Le Roche Beach to swim

4pm – Arrive Union Island to clear into St. Vincent (This is EC$100 per person). Guest will be dinghied over to Happy Island for some sundowners while the Captain clears them into St Vincent. At night you can explore the small island nightlife of Union Island which has a noumber of very cool bars, restaurants and a livelier nightlife than some of the other smaller islands. Or just sit back on the beach with a cold beer and watch the kitesurfers do their stunts on the beach

Day 2 - Leave Union Island for Mayreau arriving at 8am. 

10am – Depart for The Tobago Cays to swim with turtles, explore the island or just lounge on the beach

1pm – Depart the Tobago Cays for Sandy Island. 

3pm- Depart Sandy Island for Grenada arriving at approximately 9pm

On this trip our guests have a choice of either coming with their own food and drink (we provide 4 very large coolers) or we can take them to different restaurants and bars to eat. Our advice is to do a mixture of the two, we have a stove, oven and outdoor BBQ where we can help get food ready but we also suggest very simple foods on this trip just to make life easier. 

This trip is not 5 star accommodation in the traditional sense, it is more like glamorous camping. You are guaranteed however to see some of the most amazing islands, beautiful waters ,sunsets, sunrises, and sea-life everywhere.

Additional expenses include food, drinks, ice, ferry (EC$80 per person), customs and mooring fees (EC$100 per person)


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Hundreds of 5-star reviews and counting

Hundreds of 5-star reviews and counting

Aaron Sylvester

Upon a number of recommendation, we booked the services of I'm Local to provide a mix of chicken, fish and vegetarian dishes for our Tri Island Chocolate (Grenada Chocolate Festival 2017) event. The team arrived promptly with the food and local juice to feed and refresh our guest who were all thoroughly satisfied with the service and quality of cuisine. We would definitely use this outfit again, particularly as they took away the pain and delivered on their promise.

Trendyshop Page

Excellent service received! Customer service was amazing, and they provided timely delivery on very short notice. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for reliable rental services. Thanks again, was a pleasure!

Denisse Martinez

I have used them twice and they've been great! They helped me plan a surprise dinner date at sunset for my boyfriend and a bbq at magazine beach. The food was delicious, the place was super cute and the service was awesome. They answer their messages consistently and help you with anything you may need. I found it very affordable. Looking forward to using more of their services next term!

Brooks Aikman

Cory and Laurie were very helpful and gave us lots of great advice for our trip, and also helped arrange and book a sunset catermaran cruise and car rental with great prices. Would definitely recommend anyone visiting Grenada to let “I’m Local” help you plan your trip!

Titanium Jinx Noel

My very first impression is that these guys are well organised! Selection was on point, value is through the roof as well! Will definitely be using their services again as well as encourage others to do so!

Sarah Hatton

Great beach experience with I'm Local last Sunday. The ribs were hot and the beer was cold, delivered on time. Thanks Cory, we will definitely be doing this again!

Sally Stalker

I planned a day out for the guys who work for me and keep me going! They came from Rose Hill to St Paul with Heslyn! I asked I'm a local to do an oildown and spot on 12 o'clock the oildown was delivered by two smart smiling young men! The neighbours got a whiff and soon we were feeding nine people...and there was some left to take home! The oildown was declared a great you know every Grenadian is an oildown expert so some said, a bit of salt pork finishes it off, some said it ain't an oildown without plenty dumplin' ( there were plenty dumplin' in our oildown) and some said herring.... ( I'd vetoed herring!) and everyone said it had been a great day!

Andrew Cadrain

Top of the line experience! Thank you I'm Local for pulling it all together!

Craig Williams

Very well put together products and setting highly recommended especially the beach picnics.....

Adèle DeCaul

We tried out their beach picnic and it was perfect. Highly recommended.

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