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Jujitsu Lessons
Deco Industries,St. Georges' Grenada
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    Staying Fit doesn't always have to include a  trip to the gym. Exercise your mind ,body and soul while learning essential Self defense tips and techniques With MAP Jujitsu. MAP Jujitsu and Life Skills Academy, located at Deco Industries building ground floor in Tempe, Offers their first women Self Defense course for 2019.Come as your are, and leave with A better  knowledge of self awareness & self defense!

What's Included

This course is for female ages 17 years and older, who has a desire to learn to protect themselves and their love ones from violent predators. It includes 4 key areas of defense:

1. Combative self defense techniques; 

2. Rape and bully prevention techniques  

3. Safety skills (proactive measures i.e. assessment of surrounding, moving in dark areas with groups and not by yourself and much more). 

4. Techniques on how to disarm someone attacking with a knife or gun.  

About MAP Jujitsu

Map Jujitsu & life  Skills Academy is A Family Owned Dojo. Run by A martial arts Team,Mark & Abena Phillip.The offer A range of Self Defense Classes for all major Age groups and denominations.We Look forward to help Making you Safer & Stronger !

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